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The Blue Room launched on Radio City in 2012.

David Downie was a producer at Radio City and they had got the Anfield Wrap on for a weekly show and, in the interests of balance, they needed an Everton show and Dave came up with The Blue Room.

Matt Jones joined the team in 2014 and the podcast has gone from strength to strength.

In a show of the format’s popularity, in 2017 we moved some of our content for subscribers only with the monthly fee for the Blue Room Extra content costing £5.50.

The Blue Room average 60,000 unique downloads of our podcasts every week, with around five hours of content for subscribers only.

A lot of the people who listen to us are from overseas and they want that vicarious experience of being at Goodison Park or being in the pub after the game.

There are a lot of really good Everton podcasts and we have tried straddling the journalist and fan angle and people come to us because of that balance.

When people watch Match of the Day, or Sky, they become frustrated because Everton just get brushed over. You may have a situation where a pundit has never played for the club or hardly watched a minute of the game but are given a sheet of paper with the numbers from the game on and are asked to talk about our players. Fans want more in-depth and rounded analysis. That’s why we created the Blue Room. For the fans, from the fans.

David Downie

Les Roberts

Matt Jones