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The Blue Room Instant Reaction – Newcastle 1-1 Everton

Matt, Dave and Warren reflect on a battling point at Newcastle

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2 Responses

  1. I truly relished the effort you’ve put in here. The sketch is stylish, your authored material chic, however, you seem to have developed some anxiety about what you intend to deliver subsequently. Assuredly, I will revisit more regularly, akin to I have nearly all the time, in the event you maintain this rise.

  2. New to the Blue Room. Thought it was excellent. I will continue to listen from now on. I go to every game at Goodison and have done for years, so like you guys, I know the problems we have first hand. I long for the days when I can go to the game and feel confident of beating almost anyone (those days sadly appear to be gone), and for thinking about just the football on the pitch and not all the other nonsense that surrounds Everton FC. As regards Dyche….he’s not a Blue, he never will be. He’s stubborn, arrogant and set in his ways and he’s beneath us. However we are basically trapped and have to bite the bullet with him. Waiting for the day when we can let him go, and he can resume his career selling old ladies stuff at their door that they do not want. His cliches and soundbites and glib attitude really grind my gears. All the best lads. paul

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