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The Blue Room Weekly – Why are we weird?

Matt, Mick and Jake reflect on an epic week on the pitch for the Toffees.

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One Response

  1. Hey boys,

    I am enjoying tuning in.!
    I am a lifelong Toffee ( tattoo an’ all)…
    I am 72 and have lived in New York for over 40 years…after growing up in Huyton.
    Just wanted you to know your efforts are enjoyed on this side of the Atlantic.
    Couple o’ things:
    Dare we expect another 9 points by the end of the year..?
    When will Sean Dyche sitcAshley Young down for good and give Patterdon his place for good..?
    How great is it to have a keeper who is completely nuts..and pumped up..?

    Ok keep it coming…
    writing this Friday night. Burnley tomorrow.
    1-0 Everton

    Dave, New York

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