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Mailbag – The Kettering Wizard

Les is joined by Pete and Dan to talk new kits, missed aways, takeaways at the game, gaffer’s day, spicy food, aggro, bad songs, trolleys, turds, golf, and more.

Nicking this one from some Twitter polls doing the rounds. When the Hummel deal ends, who next?

Gareth – With preseason away days at Wigan, Bolton and Stoke what’s a former premier league club you miss going to?

Maggie – People who bring takeaways into the ground and then lash it on the floor mid-game: are they mings?

What task would you personally add to gaffer’s day? The more sick and twisted the better.

Which player is most likely to eat the spiciest thing on the menu as a display of manliness, and who gets the ring of fire off of salt?

Greenie is on holiday in Mallorca. 70% of the holiday makers are German. Lots of St Pauli and Hamburg fans knocking about and it could get lively.

Have you ever been on holiday and there’s been some tear up between foreign rival fanbases with no connection to you or the place you’re staying?

Mike – When will we resign Tom Davis and what will be ya Das reaction

Stephen – What is your favourite terrible song? There’s a song called Comin’ in hot by Hollywood Undead which is an absolute car crash but when it comes on my playlist I have to listen to it at least 10 times! Turtle Power – Partners in Kryme

Stuart – What is the best bar snack to have that doesn’t ruin the flavour of your chosen drink. No Double Diamond salted nuts available!

Liam – Will a “Feral Trolley” turn up on the pitch at Goodison before we have to leave?
Hoping there will be a procession of them, like the black cabs at West Ham

Foxy – What’s your best poo related story? Shame Dave’s not on.

Laura – Is it acceptable to turn to to the golf in the full golf rigout? Currently surrounded by 100s of golf yanks in the full gear heading to Hoylake.

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