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Mailbag – Jaws Too

Les is joined by Mat, Pete, and Dave to talk veteran signings, EFC metal heads, chocolate bars, bad excuses, even worse stories, podcast transfers, and more.

Maggie – Pre-season Mailbag Karaoke please and thank you
Bleep Test outside the Denbigh Castle please and thank you
A moment of silence for Tom Davies.

Liam – In a nod to Ashley Young, which veteran signing has pleasantly surprised you in the past?

Also, what are your go to chocolate bars?

Maggie – Do you think Sean Dyche is a rösti man or a fondue man?

Mike – Have you ever overheard anything less exciting than Jonny Evans

Maggie – Sean Dyche went to Glastonbury. If he was camping next door to you, how would you approach him when asking if he’s got any loo roll left?

On the topic of festivals – who in the Everton squad is a Download man, and who is a “four bags of ket in Sefton Park” man?

Now that we know that Sean Dyche can literally summon lightning, how long is it until the power corrupts him and how does he first unleash his evil?

Stephen – Boris Johnson’s WhatsApp messages have been delayed as he ‘wasn’t sure about his pass code’. What’s the lamest excuse you have come up with to try and not get in trouble for something?

Maggie – Mat Flusk Political Soapbox

Maggie – In the event that Everton don’t sign enough players, who out of the Blue Room gang would be the best option for filling in at right back / left back / up front / literally anywhere lads we’re suffering

Foxy – Who would be your dream blue room summer transfer in from other Everton related podcasts ( I won’t ask about sales)?

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