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Mailbag – Mighty Mo?

Les, Dave, and Pete pick through your questions on Everton and everything. This week…

Mike asked, “When did we break Marco Silva?”

TWS has been watching the 93/94 season review, his first hero was Tony Cottee. So, “Who was your first Everton idol? And if you put them – from that era – into today’s team… Would they keep us up?”

Stuart Gray asked, “If we’re all meant to go by a different moniker now Chairman Bill has set the example, what would yours be.”

Liam asked, “What’s the biggest animal youse think you could fight?”

As a side note, Joe was in the Denbigh last Saturday for the match but wasn’t sure who to introduce myself to, I asked one lad but turns out he’s never been on. Who did Joe let on to?

Dan doesn’t really like Sean Dyche – is that ok?

Joe asked, “Would you rather have fingers as long as your legs, or legs as long as your fingers?”

Joe also asked “Besides from horse death, what do you dislike most about Grand National weekend?”

Then “Does Sean Dyche drink an entire can of Stella in one go then crush the can on his fod?”

Maggie asked, “Maggie – If the club ever rang you to complain about your tweets what would they company about and why?”

Maggie asked, “What’s the most inconvenienced you’ve ever been in your life?”

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Want a little more from us? Try The Blue Room Extra for more than 20 hours of extra content a month:

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