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Benitez had to go, but Moshiri appears to show no let-up in playing his own game

By Dave Downie

Without discussing the finer detail on Rafael Benitez’s dismal six months in charge any further, his sacking leaves Everton in a predicament they’ve been familiar with during Farhad Moshri’s reign as the major shareholder at Goodison. 

Benitez had to go, that much is clear. That part always seems to be what Moshiri obsesses with – deciding who is next, which he also loves to deliver to Jim White on Talksport before anybody else. 

Yes this is familiar ground, but this time it could be perilously terminal, pushing his club into the Premier League abyss should he once again decide who is given the poisoned chalice. 

The front runner, according to many sources, is ironically the first manager he departed with when he’d completed his takeover – Roberto Martinez. 

The Spaniard’s appointment would represent much of Moshiri’s messy decision making tropes and again provide more evidence of his dreadful choices which have plagued Everton’s progress since 2016. 

Surely that comes for such an ego to understand things cannot continue in this way – perhaps that means this quagmire must get worse before it gets better? Alas, if that’s to be the way of it, Everton won’t be a Premier League club for much longer. 

Another layer of disaster saw a Director of Football dismissed as Marcel Brands, who was also a member of the board. 

Brands had issues of his own at the club that were never ironed out publicly. But it’s clear he wasn’t given the full reign and desire any club would practice to ensure their Director of Football is given enough space to work on. 

Benitez leaving the club is clearly what most fans wanted to see, the fact it remains Moshiri’s decision to sign a new manager, means Everton’s problems are nowhere near solved. 

Whilst Moshiri makes the decisions at the club, there is no hope for Everton to improve. 

Would any Director of Football, which is no doubt what Everton need, come to the club under the circumstances they’d be given to work under? 

Can Moshiri put down his phone attached to Jim White and finally realise key appointments are needed at the club if Everton are to move on, and more importantly at the moment, secure their Premier League survival? We’ve yet to see he’s able to do that. 

Benitez’s job was untenable, but there is no guarantee or evidence that Moshiri has finally understand his own. 

The idea that his apparent choice of manager is the first one he dismissed five years ago, is as concerning as all of his own decisions and communication since he arrived. 

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